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So I come to school today and find it deserted. Only 3 students arrived out of a total of 500 and something. All the teachers are at an emergency meeting to discuss their present plan of action. Poor Japan. One the one hand I can understand why Japanese people are so cautious when it comes to epidemics, especially in a country that has such a dense population. Every day I came to work, teachers ran up to me to inform me of where the swine flu had hit last. It appears that today there were some cases in Kyoto, so parents kept their kids at home (at least in my school).

There goes Judo class... darn. (I had been allowed to attend a Judo class with my first year students today. I hope they don`t cancel the Judo classes entirely, I was really looking forward to learning a new budo. Budo = Martial Art).

I hope exams won`t be cancelled next week, it would definitely wreak havoc on the already busy and complicated school schedule. There is a good chance however that starting Monday everyone will be required to wear masks as a precaution. Ughh.. No, I don`t like wearing masks when I`m not sick. Oh well. When in Rome...

To all my friends: how are they treating the pig flu in your countries / prefectures / schools?

I`ll keep you guys posted if anything happens.
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